Imatge capçalera intel·ligència artificial

Artificial intelligence

Portada informe IA

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly present in our society. Understood in a broad sense, we can see it as a tool to support decision-making in any field. This decision-making support affects, and in a very relevant way, people, as data and technology draw profiles and patterns that serve to directly decide and influence them.

For the Catalan Data Protection Authority, technological evolution is based on the massive and intensive use of data, and the right tools must be found to protect the rights and freedoms of people.

In this context, he has prepared the report “Artificial Intelligence. Automated Decisions in Catalonia ”, an ambitious research and dissemination work born with the desire to analyze the state of artificial intelligence in Catalonia from the perspective of protecting people’s data. This is a pioneering work on the situation of artificial intelligence in Catalonia, analyzed from an ethical point of view and personal data. More specifically, the study focuses on automated decision algorithms.


AI report