Advisory Board

The Data Protection Advisory Board is the advisory and participation body of the Catalan Data Protection Authority.

The functions of the Data Protection Advisory Board are:

  • Propose candidates to the Catalan Parliament for the position of director of the Authority.
  • Issue reports on draft instructions submitted by the Authority.
  • Issue a report on the Authority's draft annual budget as proposed by the director.
  • Advise on matters the Authority's director submits.
  • Draft a mandatory report prior to approval of Authority staffing.
  • Draft a binding report on the maximum number of temporary workers on the Authority staff.
  • Draw up studies and proposals on the subject of the protection of data of a personal nature based on criteria established by the director.

The Data Protection Advisory Board must be informed about:

  • The activity of the Catalan Data Protection Authority, by the director and on a regular basis.
  • The Authority's Annual Report.
  • The objective criteria of the Authority's audit plans.

The Advisory Board is made up of the following members:

  • The Chairperson.

Ms. Montserrat Torrent Robledo (Acting)

  • Three people appointed by the Catalan Parliament

Mr.Miquel Ramírez Martín

Mr. Lluís Sanz Marco

Ms. Andrea Levy Soler

  • Three people representing the Administration of the Generalitat, appointed by the Catalan Government.

Mr. César Velasco Muñoz

Ms. Ester Manzano Peláez

Mr. Jordi Bacaria Martrus

  • Two people representing the Catalan local authorities, appointed by the Council of Local Government.

Ms. Àngela Acín Ferrer

Mr. Albert Guilera Planas

  • Two people appointed by the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia.

Ms. Clara Velasco Rico

Mr. Miquel Soriano Ibañez

  • One person appointed by the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC).

Mr. Josep Domingo Ferrer

  • One person representing consumers' and users' associations, appointed by the Consumer Council of Catalonia.

Ms. Montserrat Torrent Robledo

  • The director of the Statistical Institute of Catalonia.

Mr. Francesc Xavier Cuadras Morató

  • An official from the Catalan Data Protection Authority, who will act as Secretary to the Board.

The renewal of Data Protection Advisory Board members takes place every five years, in accordance with the Statutes of the Catalan Data Protection Authority.

The director of the Catalan Data Protection Authority attends the meetings of the Data Protection Advisory Board with the right to speak but not vote.