Imatge de capçalera smart cities

Smart cities

Aware of the implication that the development of Smart Cities may have on the personal data of its citizens, The Catalan Data Protection Authority considers that moment is appropriate to commence a debate on the protection of personal data in Smart cities. This debate will generate a point of reflection for the public administration of Catalonia which wishes to implement some of the services that come within the ambit of Smart Cities as well as the private sector which design and implement the technologies that drive Smart Cities.

For this reason, the Authority believes it is opportune to offer the first document for debate, together with other material and bibliographic references on the topic, to open the possibility for the different agents involved in this project (Local governments and other public administrative bodies, other areas within the public sector and the private sector – all implicated in the development of the smart cities experience, work groups, universities, ... ) to be able to share experiences, voice doubts and make contributions to this Working Document. Furthermore it is envisaged that participants can open channels of collaboration, with the aim contributing to the improvement, from the perspective of data protection, the implementation of Smart Cities. Persons or entities that are interested in contributing may contact the Authority through its web address ( or via any of the other channels of communication of the Authority.


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