5th edition of the Data Protection by Design Award (2017)

The Catalan Data Protection Authority has opened the call for entries to the fifth edition of the "Data Protection by Design Awards", for the first time with a monetary prize. The aim of the awards is to give recognition to technological solutions that make a relevant contribution to the protection of privacy in the design of applications.

In short, the awards will showcase applications or systems that improve the implementation of security measures, facilitate compliance with legal obligations in the field of data protection, strengthen people’s control over their own information and, in general, make the management of privacy easier.


The Catalan Data Protection Authority is extending the period for presentation of entries to the 2017 edition of the Data Protection by Design Award until 30 March 2017.

Resolution to extend the deadline for entries. Resolution March 6 2017, DOGC num. 7326, March 10, 2017 (original version only)

  • Call Resolution of February 3, 2017, DOGC number 7305 (15/2/2017) 


Applications to the Data Protection by Design Award can be submited at the following link (scroll down).


This year the award comes with the following monetary prizes:

AWARD ---- 5,000 euros
HONOURABLE MENTION 1 ---2,000 euros
HONOURABLE MENTION 2 ----2,000 euros